Volk Optical Strengthens Investment in India with GM Appointment

25 February 2019

Sunil Bharti joins Volk as General Manager for India

Volk Optical (www.volk.com) has appointed Sunil Bharti to the role of General Manger, India. The move comes as the Indian market is expanding, with vision health becoming a key focus to meet the needs of its population.

In his new role, Bharti will lead Volk’s current sales and marketing organization in India and will be responsible for establishing and implementing the strategy for continued growth in the region. Bharti will work closely with doctors and healthcare institutions to understand the Indian market’s unmet needs and provide the best solutions from Volk’s portfolio of diagnostic and therapeutic lenses, surgical instruments, and ophthalmic imaging devices. Bharti will continue to develop Volk’s Indian distributor network, provide training for new and existing customers, and increase the company’s presence and services in India.
“Sunil’s appointment is an important step as Volk supports the growth of vision care in India,” explains Volk President, Dr. Jyoti Gupta. “According to the India Vision Institute, India has one of the largest populations of individuals with preventable blindness in the world. This is due primarily to a shortage of vision care specialists and difficulty in accessing care in rural areas. Where such a disparity exists, products that speed exam and treatment time, and technologies that enable telemedicine are critical. Sunil and his team will play a key role in supporting doctors and healthcare workers with access to the best technology, solutions, and training.”

Bharti brings over 20 years of medical device and life sciences experience in the Indian market to Volk. He was most recently Deputy General Manager of Sales for Perkin Elmer Genomics-India, a role that encompassed sales strategy and sales team leadership for the company’s diagnostic products line. Prior to that he progressed through increasingly senior roles at Johnson & Johnson India after it acquired Synthes Medical, where Bharti was Head of Sales at the time of acquisition. Bharti earned his Bachelor of Pharmacy degree from Mumbai University and completed his studies with an MBA from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management.

Sunil Bharti, the new General Manager – Volk India will be based out of Mumbai and can be contacted on:
T: +91 88793 97393 or E-mail: sunil.bharti@volk.com

About Volk:

Volk Optical (a Halma company) is an industry leader in aspheric ophthalmic lenses for the diagnosis and treatment of the human eye, and portable diagnostic imaging devices with the purpose of eradicating preventable blindness through accessible imaging of the eye. The company’s patented double aspheric technology results in the highest resolution imaging with the best stereopsis for precision diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical procedures. Volk’s portable, electronic, digital imaging devices are building the foundation for the future of ophthalmology, optometry, and general medicine. The company is based in Mentor, Ohio, USA and has representatives and distributors around the world.

Valve management system eliminates incorrect valve line-up for tank storage provider

13 December 2017

Sofis’s solution ensures customer avoids potential costs of €160,000 a year or more

By preventing incorrect valve line-up with the installation of a valve management system, valve operation specialist Sofis has ensured that a well-known tank storage provider is not exposed to potential costs of €160,000 a year or more.

“Everyone in the oil and gas industry is aware of the risk of incorrect valve line-ups,” commented the customer’s assistant technical manager. “I really appreciate the help of the whole Sofis team in finding us a good solution to accommodate our needs and getting this project ready on time.”

History shows that, during tank storage operations, incidents of miscommunication or accidental operation of the wrong valve(s) can lead to the wrong blend of oil product being loaded into an oil tanker, resulting in product contamination. The clean-up operation following such an incident – labour, waste creation and disposal, cleaning and transport – allied to the indirect costs of environmental impact, tank terminal downtime and damage to the corporate reputation would have led to the company paying a minimum of €160,000 for each incident. Having identified the potential risk and cost associated with incorrect valve line-ups, the tank storage provider was looking for a tailor-made solution.

By combining valve interlocks and a key management system from Sofis with its existing distributed control system (DCS), the customer has eliminated the risk of incorrect valve line-ups. Personnel can no longer accidentally operate the wrong valves, nor overlook any necessary valves. The DCS manages manual valve operations, and the status information of these manual valves is continuously monitored from the control room.

In addition, personnel can now perform multiple valve line-up procedures simultaneously, while valve changeovers are carried out more efficiently.

For more information about Sofis in India, please contact Nitul Sanghvi, Area Sales Manager – India and South East Asia on M: +91 98795 59345, E-mail: nitul.sanghvi@sofisglobal.com, visit www.sofisglobal.com.

About SOFIS:

Netherlocks Safety Systems and Smith Flow Control have merged. Two global leaders in the field of valve operations have joined forces and move on as Sofis. With joint expertise, a united service team and a combined office and partner network, Sofis is bigger and stronger and thus better able to give worldwide support and cater to every market need. Over the last three decades Sofis’s employees have led and developed the interlock market. They have also devised new product segments by continuously bringing new ideas to fruition.

Avire expands product range with Microkey acquisition

8 December 2017

Move also increases resources for future product development

Avire has acquired SETCO S.A (www.microkey.es), a specialist in emergency telephones, GSM wireless transmission and monitoring systems for lifts, which are marketed under the Microkey brand.

Rob Lewis, managing director at Avire, said: “This is a really exciting time for Avire, Microkey and our customers. With the addition of Microkey’s cutting-edge technology to Avire’s global footprint, we have created the clear market leader in terms of size and technology. Not only is this good news for our customers now, but with the increased R&D resource, we are expecting even more customer-focused products in the near future.”

Founded in 1986, Microkey is based in Barcelona and is the market leader in emergency telephones for lifts in Spain. The business displays strong core competencies in GSM wireless transmission, machine to machine (M2M) technologies and cloud-based monitoring solutions. The combination of M2M and cloud technologies is beneficial to Avire customers, allowing lift controllers to provide status information and to be remotely updated and maintained.

As Microkey has predominantly been focused on the Iberian peninsula, this acquisition offers exciting new growth opportunities via Avire’s global sales and support channels. In addition, the Microkey product range complements that of Avire, meaning Avire will be able to provide existing customers with new, innovative products and technologies.

For more information about Avire in India, please contact Rajeev Joshi, Regional Business Manager – IMEA on M: +91 91677 30003, E-mail: rajeev.joshi@avire-global.com, visit www.avire-global.com. Avire operates in India from an office located in Wagle Industrial Estate in Thane, Maharashtra.

About AVIRE:

Avire – home to E-Motive, Janus, TL Jones and Memco – offers an extensive range of lift safety and communication products. With manufacturing locations in Singapore, China, India and the Czech Republic, and sales offices in 13 locations worldwide, Avire is a truly global brand. Avire’s products include light curtains, electronic displays, emergency telephones and LED lighting. Avire is a Halma company.

New Castell MD wants to increase the speed of change

29 September 2017

Neil Webster plans investment to fuel growth and NPD

New Castell managing director Neil Webster wants the company to capitalise on its standing in the industrial safety sector by injecting a sense of urgency into how it operates.

“Castell has huge credibility as a brand,” said Neil. “It’s time we took that authority and upped the pace in everything we do: how we communicate with customers, how we develop new products and how we increase our global footprint.

“We’ve got a significant investment plan for the business which will fuel our growth, whether that’s systems-led or directed into NPD. We want to maintain and increase our reputation as the go-to partner for our customers, both for knowledge and solutions.”

Neil joins Castell from TALIS Group, a manufacturer of valves for the water industry. He brings extensive experience of the automation, process control, hazardous area and lighting industries.

Castell has a distributor presence in India.For more information about Castell, please contact E-mail: sales@castell.com, visit www.castell.com


Established in 1922, Castell manufactures the world’s widest range of industrial safety interlocking systems. Designed to protect personnel working with dangerous machinery or in hazardous environments, the company’s products are robust, durable and suitable for the heaviest of applications. Available in a range of materials, including stainless steel, they are proven even in dusty, corrosive and aggressive operating environments. All products conform to European safety standards.

Advanced’s Fire Networking is Now Miles More Flexible

27 July 2017

Global intelligent fire systems leader Advanced has recently launched a new device that makes its market-leading networking more flexible and configurable than ever.

The PENN (Peripheral Expansion Network Node) is a new card and network node that allows Advanced’s range of peripheral input and output cards to be placed anywhere on the network, and up to 1.5km from the nearest fire panel or next PENN node.

Up to 32 peripheral cards – covering everything from input, interface and i/o cards to relay, sounder, LED and switch cards – can be attached to a PENN, and 199 PENNs can be added to a network. This means over 6,000 peripheral cards can be placed almost anywhere around the network.

The PENN adds to the flexibility of Advanced’s fire panel offering. Previously, peripheral cards had to be connected to a fire panel’s P-BUS (they still can be) and limited to 10m from the panel.

Aston Bowles, head of marketing at Advanced, said: “Advanced’s ease-of-use and the power and resilience of its networking are already well understood and admired. The PENN provides our customers with more freedom, even simpler installation, and configuration that improves performance and reduces installation costs”.

“Freeing the peripheral cards from the panel is a good idea, but the creative ways our customers are using the PENN and peripheral cards to solve installation and configuration challenges is genuinely surprising, and we’re seeing it used on all manner and sizes of projects.”

The PENN is currently compatible with Advanced’s MxPro multiprotocol panels and Axis EN fire systems.

For more details please contact Reji Mathew, India Business Manager who is based in Bengaluru on M: +91 98802 80326, E-mail: rmathew@advancedco.com and also visit www.advancedco.com or https://halmain.halmacloud.com/halmawp/companies/advanced/

About Advanced:

Advanced is a world leader in the development and manufacture of intelligent fire systems. The legendary performance, quality and ease-of-use of its products sees them used in prestigious and challenging locations all over the world, from single panel installations to large multi-site networks. Advanced’s products include complete fire detection systems, multi-protocol fire panels, extinguishing control and fire paging systems. The company is a subsidiary of Halma plc.

New STEM Education Packs from Ocean Optics

19 July 2017

Cost-effective spectral sensing kits bring the excitement of spectroscopy to the classroom

To inspire today’s tech savvy students, Ocean Optics has released two new Education Packs, built around its STS microspectrometer and Spark spectral sensor. With the kit hardware and commonly available samples, teachers can integrate absorbance, transmission, fluorescence, emission and pH measurements into their curricula, bringing spectroscopy concepts to life. Modular and flexible, the Education Packs are a budget-friendly option compared to the cost of purchasing all the included hardware individually.

The kits package a small-footprint spectral sensing system and illuminated cuvette holder (EDU-STS-VIS-PACK) or direct attach cuvette holder accessory (EDU-SPARK-PACK) with the ideal combination of accessories and software. The included components can be assembled in multiple configurations to perform several types of measurements. By purchasing Education Packs, educators can save up to 40% off the retail cost of the components if purchased separately.

The EDU-STS-VIS-PACK covers the wavelengths of 350-800 nm while the EDU-SPARK-PACK provides measurement over the range of 380-700 nm. Both are capable of multiple types of spectral measurements demonstrating several different spectroscopy concepts, including:

• Absorbance: Beer’s Law
• Emission: Atomic emission
• Fluorescence: Excited state molecules
• pH: Henderson Hasselbalch
• Transmission: Color measurement

To support educators in using the kits, Ocean Optics has established an educational resource page at https://oceanoptics.com/educational-resources. The page contains experiments and teaching materials to help educators get started, and is expected to grow as members of the user community share their own experiments and materials. The range of experiments are geared from high school, to community college, and up to university level.

To learn more about Ocean Optics Education Packs and review the educational resources available, contact Raghu Charan can be contacted on M: +91 96 3232 6932, Tel: +91 80 6747 5336 or E-mail: Raghu.charan@oceanoptics.com. Visit the website at www.OceanOptics.com

About Ocean Optics:

Headquartered in Dunedin, Florida, USA, Ocean Optics is a leading supplier of spectral solutions for optical sensing – fundamental methods of measuring and interpreting the interaction of light with matter. With locations in the Americas, Europe and Asia, the company has sold more than 260,000 spectrometers worldwide since 1992. Ocean Optics’ extensive line of complementary technologies includes chemical sensors, analytical instrumentation, optical fibers and optics. The company is a subsidiary of Halma plc, an international market leader in safety, health and sensor technology.

Avoid costly heat and energy loss with Elfab’s thermally insulated explosion panel

17 July 2017

Pressure management experts, Elfab,

have enhanced its product range further by offering an explosion panel with integral thermal insulation. For many safety critical applications, it is critical the temperature and energy within the vessels are maintained making Elfab’s thermal insulation panel an obvious choice as it combines reliable explosion protection with enhanced safety and performance characteristics.

Elfab Thermal 1

In diesel, gas and dual-fuel engines for example, explosion panels are often used to protect equipment from the potential damage caused by the combustion of unburned gases in the exhaust system rather than in the combustion chamber. High temperature exhaust gases provide a volatile process environment that makes alternative technologies such as relief valves less suitable due to their potential for failure due to vibration and corrosion. Elfab’s thermal panels, in latest domed construction, are static devices designed to cope with the harshest of environments protecting people and equipment from potentially dangerous and costly explosions.

Traditional explosion panels are conductive, hence, allow the critical heat and energy to escape from the vessel while being potentially harmful to workers. If touched, hence aren’t suitable for every application. Elfab developed a technically superior, thermally insulted domed explosion panel to its already industry-leading venting range to offer an explosion vent suitable to a wider range of customers and applications. Elfab’s thermal explosion vent is a single product solution ensuring minimal space required while reducing ongoing purchasing costs. By offering integral insulation, burst detection can also be offered just like any other panel in Elfab’s range, giving instantaneous notification of panel burst.

To support with thermal calculations, Elfab have developed an in-house tool to provide the best solution for your venting requirements in high temperature applications.

For more details, please contact Elfab Sales Team on E-mail: pr@elfab.comm or visit www.elfab.com

About Elfab:

Elfab (a Halma company) is a leading manufacturer of rupture discs, bursting panels and associated detection devices. These intelligent pressure relief systems protect people, plant and equipment across the globe. Elfab also delivers unique design, testing and consultancy services for pressure management. Elfab’s customers are predominantly in the energy industry (oil & gas, biomass, power generation and utilities), process industry (chemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage) and transportation industry (storage & distribution, Intermodal containers, Aerospace and Defence, Automotive). The company’s technology is also used in a wide range of OEM applications like solid and bulk handling, medical, gas and liquid handling and various industrial applications from launch systems in space rockets and air bags in cars, to cryogenic systems in body scanners.

Sheffield’s tallest building upgraded with Avire LCD displays

14 July 2017

33 C1Ls installed in St Paul’s Tower as part of refurbishment project

Residents of the tallest building in Sheffield have had their lift experience improved thanks to LCD displays from Avire. As part of an ongoing refurbishment programme, Curti Lifts has completed installation work and all 33 floors of St Paul’s Tower now feature an E-Motive C1L display.

Our residents can now clearly see where the lift is while they’re waiting for it,” explained Peter Shaw, development manager at City Lofts, who manages the building on behalf of Premier Estates Limited. “The feedback has been great, all positive.

“This was far from a cheap fix, but Curti advised us that the C1L was the most cost-effective option available and we were happy to take their recommendation, particularly given that another lead contractor had quoted considerably more for the project.”

The C1L is a colour LCD display which supports picture and text content. The display includes a power-saving feature that turns off the backlight when the lift is in idling mode. The C1L’s slim profile makes it particularly suitable for surface mounting in modernisation projects. The display is available in sizes of 3.5, 4.3, 5.6, 7, 8 and 10.4 inches.

For more information about Avire in India, please contact Rajeev Joshi, Regional Business Manager – IMEA on M: +91 91677 30003, E-mail: rajeev.joshi@avire-global.com, visit www.avire-global.com. Avire operates in India from an office located in Wagle Industrial Estate in Thane, Maharashtra.

About AVIRE:

Avire – home to E-Motive, Janus, TL Jones and Memco – offers an extensive range of lift safety and communication products. With manufacturing locations in Singapore, China, India and the Czech Republic, and sales offices in 13 locations worldwide, Avire is a truly global brand. Avire’s products include light curtains, electronic displays, emergency telephones and LED lighting. Avire is a Halma company.

Apollo Fire Detectors – protecting the India Habitat Centre

29 April 2017

The India Habitat Centre (IHC), a new national business centre located in India’s capital city of New Delhi, has chosen an Apollo fire detection system to safeguard the staff, visitors, buildings and property at its innovative site.

The IHC is a multipurpose building combining work, commercial and social spaces. The idea for the Centre first emerged when India’s public agency, the Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd (HUDCO), wanted an office building for its workers and made the unprecedented decision to invite chosen non-profit organisations that shared their concern about habitat to share that work space.

An urban design project rather than a traditional office building, the IHC provides spaces for a number of uses across its vast nine-acre site. The Centre encompasses multiple courtyards, communal meeting rooms, a performing arts and cultural venue, a library, a restaurant, a museum and hotels. This presented additional challenges for the design of the fire detection system.

To provide effective fire detection in this significant space, installers Fire Hut Commercial Equipment Pvt Ltd specified a range of devices from the Apollo Fire Detectors XP95 and Discovery ranges. In total, over 6,000 devices are linked to fire control panels which communicate via a central monitoring system in the control room of the complex.

Commenting on the installation, Anil Vadera, owner and CEO of Fire Hut Commercial Equipment Pvt Ltd who executed this project, explains: “We have been associated with Apollo for the last 18 years. The India Habitat Centre is one of the most prestigious Government building centres to be protected with Apollo Fire Detection and Alarm Systems. This is truly a partnership of pioneers and we look forward to collaborating with Apollo on future projects.”

For more information on Apollo products in India, please contact Vikrant Patil, India Sales Manager on M: +91 91672 17636, E-mail: vikrant.patil@apollo-fire.com, OR visit www.apollo-fire.co.uk.

About Apollo Fire Detectors:

Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of smoke detectors, modules and notification devices. Established in 1980, Apollo has become one of the top five manufacturers in the world specializing in the design and manufacture of high quality detection products. Apollo holds over of 3,000 product approvals worldwide, in addition to, a number of internationally recognized quality and environmental awards. Apollo also offers five distinct ranges, including analog addressable and conventional smoke detection devices, as well as a host of additional products such as sounders, visual indicator and manual call points. Apollo detectors have been installed in landmark places such as the United Nations building, the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Kremlin, the royal household in UK, besides many others. Apollo Fire Detectors is a Halma company.

100 Years of Innovation from Keeler

29 April 2017

When Charles Davis Keeler left Philadelphia in 1906 with his wife and children to start up the Standard Optical Company in London, he could not have imagined the company he would go on to pioneer. From its foundation as a dispensing optician in London’s West End in 1917, Keeler Limited has evolved out of all recognition.

Looking back over the last 100 years, it’s interesting to see how many innovations the company introduced – from its first patented ophthalmoscopes in the 1930s, the first indirect ophthalmoscope in the 1950s, to today’s world-leading slit lamps.

This brief timeline gives some idea of the company’s evolution over the last 100 years:

• 1917 – Dispensing optician opened at 47 Wigmore Street, London
• 1926 – The first patent is registered
• 1929 – Opening of the Plymouth branch
• 1930s – First ophthalmic products launched
• 1935 – Sefton Lawn, Windsor purchased
• 1946 – Keeler starts selling worldwide
• 1952 – US operation incorporated
• 1959 – Fison indirect ophthalmoscope launched
• 1965 – Micro Ophthalmic surgical unit and Vernon Ingram ruby laser launched
• 1970s – Keeler won British Design Award for Pocket Diagnostic Set
• 1986 – Keeler acquired by Dollond and Aitchison Group
• 1987 – Pulsair non-contact tonometer launched
• 1989 – Pulsair received Queen’s Award for Technical Achievement
• 1990s – The first Vantage indirect ophthalmoscope launched
• 1996 – Keeler acquired by Halma plc
• 2000s – Keeler launched an array of products, including the first wireless indirect ophthalmoscope and the PSL Classic portable slit lamp
• 2010s – Symphony range of slit lamps launched
• 2017 – Keeler turns 100!

At 100, Keeler is certainly not resting on its laurels. The company is in good health and is on a constant innovation drive, ensuring it meets the demands of optical and healthcare professionals for many years to come.

“We’re actively going out, finding out about markets around the world – what do they need and what are their immediate issues? This has really deepened innovation and growth,” says Abbas Sotoudeh, Keeler’s Managing Director.

For more information about Keeler in India, please contact Mahadev Dhuri, India Business Manager on M: +91 91677 30003, E-mail: mahadev.dhuri@halma.com, visit www.keeler.com .

Keeler Limited specialises in diagnostic and magnification products for professionals in the optical and healthcare Industries. Located in Windsor in the UK, the company celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2017. Keeler is a Halma company.