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About Suntech:

For over twenty-five years, SunTech Medical has been the preeminent supplier of clinical grade blood pressure monitoring products and technologies. Over 75 companies trust SunTech Medical’s OEM non-invasive blood pressure solutions for their patient monitoring needs. SunTech produces the leading cardiac stress test blood pressure monitor and is the world’s foremost manufacturer of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) products. SunTech Medical also offers solutions for in-office BP monitoring as well as a complete line of blood pressure cuffs designed for general and specific applications.

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SunTech OEM NIBP Technology:

SunTech Medical® is the global leader in providing OEM non-invasive blood pressure (OEM NIBP) monitoring solutions across a variety of clinical applications. Start by learning about the range of solutions that may apply to your medical device with Choose Your Application. Or browse our Partners or White Papers to learn about these solutions and their efficacy in medical practice.

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OEM Clinical Applications:

  1. Standard Clinical
  2. Home Telehealth
  3. EMS
  4. Cardiac Stress
  5. Hemodialysis
  6. Veterinary
  7. Other Applications

SunTech Products:

  1. Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors
    1. Oscar 2: The Oscar 2™ system from SunTech Medical® sets the standard in ABPM by meeting the highest clinical standards, optimizing patient comfort through innovation, and giving clinicians practical interpretive analysis and reporting tool                                                                         SunTech Oscar2_low_res
  2. In-Office BP+ Vitals
    1. SunTech 247: As automated BP devices have become routine for blood pressure measurement, it’s important to remember that not all are created equal. The 247™ BP + Vitals device offers SunTech®’s clinical-grade blood pressure technology in a package designed to fit easily into clinical workflows for measuring and collecting patient vital sign information.
  3. Cardiac Stress Lab Monitors
    1. Tango M2: Tango M2 was specifically designed to overcome the noise, motion, and physical difficulties associated with cardiac stress and exercise testing. This monitor was designed for use by a cardiology professional in a stress lab, whether performing a test using a treadmill, ergometer, or pharmacological stress testing. The Tango M2 reliably monitors your patient’s blood pressure allowing you to focus on your patient.                                                                                                       SunTechTango_M2
  4. Blood Pressure Cuffs
    1. Disposable BP Cuffs– Soft, single-patient, tapered-end disposable blood pressure cuff with a patient ID line to minimize cross-contamination for infection-control conscious hospitals.SunTech Disposable_Cuffs
    2. Vinyl BP Cuffs– SunTech Medical®’s Vinyl BP cuff offer an economical blood pressure cuff solution for clinical areas where cleaning and disinfection are important—during procedures, in the emergency department, and emergency medical service situations. This complete line of cuffs can be easily cleaned, are rugged enough for short-term use, and are less expensive than traditional durable cuffs.SunTech Vinyl_Cuffs
    3. Durable BP Cuffs– Long-lasting, durable, easy to clean, tapered-end for general-use clinical applications, line includes.
      1. All-Purpose Cuffs– Traditional 2-piece design, removable bladder, most durable.
      2. One-Piece Cuffs– Easiest to clean and disinfect, best value.SunTech All_Purpose_Cuffs


  1. Veterinary Blood Pressure
    1. Vet20: Automated BP technology for companion animals that is fast, simple, & silent.SunTech Vet20

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