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About STI:

STI Serv Trayvou Interverrouillage company proposes safety interlock solutions complying with safety rules and regulations, as they force the operator to respect each step of the safety process that we have designed for you. Each year STI invests more than 5% of its turnover in research and development.

Originally developed for railway applications, our products were swiftly accepted Industry-Wide due to their simplicity and efficiency. STI has supplied systems for staff protection in the fields of railway, Energy, asphalt / cement industry, the steel industry, the food industry, etc.

Since more than a century STI Serv Trayvou Interverrouillage has been offering safety solutions in line with the regulations in many areas.

Our company  which invented interlock solution is a reference in the sector, in terms of safety procedures to avoid any accident during maintenance operations.

The experience of STI guarantees the locking system that is most suitable for your application :

– access to dangerous machinery

– industrial maintenance

– medium and high voltage electric cells

– catenary

– loading / unloading


STI Technology:

STI’s strength lies in the patented technologies which makes us stand apart from the conventional competitors. Unlike traditional safety systems, STI define more than a principle but the way forward to optimal safety.

Based on the idea that a key cannot be in two places at the same time, our locking systems force operators to perform a predetermined sequence, particularly in relation to maintenance and operating requirements. In its most basic form, the key transfer principle involves the locking of the power source and access point of a machine, with locks operated by a single common key. Our extensive range of locks permits the locking of most control circuits, switchgears and access points.


By this method, you have the guarantee that all your hazardous work areas are protected with maximum security. This technology, considered the most effective of industrial safety protection, can be completely automated. The system is also cost- effective as it is quick and easy to install, and without maintenance or  cabling operations.


R&D department dedicated to your needs:

With many decades of experience in the field of safety, our R&D department develops for you solutions that will meet your needs. Thanks to our know-how and to the synergy that we have with HALMA Group, our R&D department creates regularly new products.


STI Serv Trayvou Interverrouillage Product Range:

  • Bolt Locks
  • Access Locks
  • Solenoid control Locks
  • Key Panels
  • Logistics Locks
  • Tracking by RFID

Application Areas:

  • Industry: Automotive, food, building, metallurgy, mining, wood and paper, chemical…
  • Energy: All energy industry, Switchgears, substations, wind turbines, …
  • Logistics: Load platform, silo, railway, maintenance area, …


STI Serv Trayvou Interverrouillage has received the ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

STI in India:

STI designs and produces security devices with locking and interlocking solutions by key transfer for all customers around the world.

Our expertise, in a field which involves millions of users with ranges adapted to the increasingly strict requirements of the industrial sector.

Currently Serv Trayvou is approved and acknowledged throughout the world as a leading authority in the safety of hazardous machines in respect of the standards in force and develop Indian market safety .

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