Labsphere, Inc. is headquartered in North Sutton, New Hampshire, US with a satellite facility in China and a global network of distribution partners. Founded in 1979, it is part of the Halma group of companies. At Labsphere, it’s all about light: we measure, we create, and we reflect light in all of our technologies.

Labsphere specializes in the design and manufacture of high-end light measurement solutions for the LED/SSL lighting industry, uniform sources and products for remote sensing and imager/consumer camera calibration, diffuse optical coatings and materials including Spectralon®, Spectraflect® and Permaflect®, instrumentation and reflectance standards for spectroscopy applications, and Integral® software for a variety of photometry applications.

Labsphere designs, produces and sells precision standard and custom radiometric and photometric products addressing the specific needs of the aerospace, defense, automotive, electronic imaging, remotes sensing, consumer camera, laser diode, LED, lighting, medical imaging and optics industries. We offer a broad line of integrating spheres, goniometers, light measurement systems and instruments, optical metrology software, diffuse reflectance materials and standards and superior optical calibration services. We specialize in custom design and OEM production services to provide integrated solutions for customer’s specific light measurement requirements.

Labsphere provides the highest quality products and services on the market, at the performance levels and value our customers require. Our engineers, designers and customer service representatives will work with you to provide the right product at the right price for your measurement needs.

Thousands of systems having been designed, tested and calibrated at Labsphere’s 80,000 square foot facility located in North Sutton, New Hampshire, USA. Our diverse customer base and a solid understanding of their unique requirements have allowed our company to continue to evolve over the decades.  Our satellite facility in Shanghai China is part of the Halma business center and includes engineering, sales, and manufacturing capabilities.


Labsphere’s core competence lies in its more than 35 years of global expertise in light: measure, create, reflect.  A deep knowledge of international measurement standards and calibration requirements sets Labsphere apart from the competition. Technologies include engineering design and development, light metrology, spectroscopy, radiometry and photometry expertise, near Lambertian reflective coatings, materials, and sources, hardware, software, and comprehensive service and support.

Product Range:

Labsphere has developed integrating sphere solutions for a wide variety of light-based applications, from large area customized sphere-based systems to small hand-held instruments.  It’s more than just a sphere company, though, as its technologies have developed over the past four decades to include products in the following categories:

Light Measurement: including Goniometers, illumia® brand, and LightFluxColor® brand systems

Remote Sensing: including the HELIOS® product line of Uniform Sources for Luminance & Radiance

Image Sensor Calibration: including TruLume® camera and images sensor calibration sources

Reflectance Reference Standards and Targets

Diffuse Reflectance Coatings and Materials: including Spectralon®, Spectraflect® and Permaflect® products

Services:  including both onsite and in-house coating and calibration solutions

Labsphere -TruLume Labsphere - UV2000 Labsphere - LFC Labsphere - illumia Labsphere - Helios

Application Areas:

Labsphere’s products provide effective solutions for a range of applications. Our expertise is your advantage.

Light Measurement: serving customers in the LED/SSL, Automotive, Laser Power, Fiber Output, LCD Backlight, Flashlight and similar industries

Remote Sensing Imager Calibration: serving customers in the Ground, Aerial, Vacuum, Defense, Aerospace

Image Sensor Calibration: serving customers in the CMOS Sensor Responsivity, CMOS Test and Calibration, Consumer and Industrial Camera Calibration, Machine Vision, Proximity Sensor Calibration. Veiling Glare and similar industries

UVA/UVB Testing: serving customers in the Biomed, Health&Beauty, Textile, Cosmetics, Spectroscopy, and similar industries

Diffuse Reflectance: serving customers in the Laser cavity, industrial safety, medical, source/sensor compensation and similar industries



  • ISO 9001:2008 certified

Labsphere in India:

Labsphere’s products have been sold to Indian customers from 1979 through distributors. The network of Indian dealers and representatives is managed by Mr. Richard Corbyn.  Labsphere’s product range can be found in various research institution and standard setting laboratories across India including clients engaged in various industries like specialized textile, cosmetics, LED manufacturing, defense and security, and research and development.


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