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About Kirk:

Kirk Key Interlock Company has been manufacturing trapped key interlocks and interlocking systems since 1932.  Our interlocks are instrumental in protecting personnel and equipment and continue to be an important part of process safety worldwide. Proper application of KIRK® trapped key interlocks guarantees that a sequential pattern is followed for each step of a prescribed sequence. KIRK® key interlock systems are designed and configured to each user’s requirements and revolve around a key or keys that an operator must use at each step in the sequence.

Kirk Strengths:

  • Kirk’s comprehensive product line ensures that a complete trapped key interlock system can be designed to suit the customer’s specific process safety needs to protect personnel and equipment.
  • Kirk understands that shut-downs are time critical.  Our 5-7 day shipping ensures your facility can be live quickly and we can meet expediting deadlines within 24 hours.
  • Kirk’s history of maintaining accurate records ensures that we can coordinate or expand new interlocks with current trapped key interlock systems or quickly replace a key or interlock.

KIRK® Product Features:

Some of the features of KIRK® trapped key interlocks are:

  • Our Standard Duty brass interlock line offers a proprietary 7-pin tumbler key design that cannot be copied or reproduced
  • Our Heavy and Medium duty stainless steel and hybrid interlocks are built to withstand harsh environments and offer
    • A robust stainless steel key
      • Cannot be duplicated or master keys created
      • Gasketed key and dust cover to prevent dirt and debris
  • Shaft driven design with no openings and few moving parts minimizing dirt and debris from entering the cylinder

KIRK® Product Range:

Bolt, access, transfer, electro-mechanical, and cylinder interlocks

Application Areas:

  • Switchgear
  • (UPS) Uninterruptable Power Source
  • Electro-static precipitators
  • Ports: Shore Power/Cranes
  • Mining
  • Metal Processing


Interlocking is accepted by safety, insurance, and standards authorities throughout the world as the most reliable and cost effective way of guarding against operator error.

The utilization of trapped key interlocks is supported by IEEE, ANSI, NEC, OSHA, and the NFPA

Kirk in India:

KIRK® trapped key interlocks and interlock systems are sold globally through our headquarters in North Canton, OH, USA and Kirk’s African, European, Middle East, and India sales representation, Dave Williams with DTW Ltd., based out of the UK.  Kirk trapped key interlocks can be found throughout India on many major SWGR and UPS manufacturer’s equipment.  For further information on active projects or case studies of Indian installations, please contact our Kirk Sales Group.

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