About Fiberguide:

Optical fiber and optical fiber assemblies have been the core business of Fiberguide Industries since 1977.  For more than three decades Fiberguide Industries has been a reliable, long-term, strategic partner with OEM manufacturers in providing competitive quality optical fiber solutions engineered to meet our customers’ needs. We specialize in manufacturing large core specialty optical fiber, high temperature metalized optical fibers, and we package these fibers in a variety of assemblies / bundles used for optical power delivery and optical sensing applications.

With corporate headquarters and fiber manufacturing located in New Jersey, machining and assembly manufacturing in Idaho, Fiberguide designs, develops and manufactures the highest quality, cost-effective optical fiber and fiber assembly solutions.  We serve a diversity of OEM markets – including medical, aerospace, energy, analytical/ metrology, and datacom switching – through the integration of people, technology, and business systems.

Fiberguide Advantage:

Fiberguide manufactures the highest quality fibers and optical assemblies using state-of-the-art machining and assembly capabilities. Today, Fiberguide is an innovative partner with our growing OEM customer base providing a variety of photonics solutions.

Fiber Draw

  • Four optical fiber draw towers with a combined capacity of 150km / day;
  • Single Mode and Multimode fibers core sizes ranging from 9μm to 2000μm;
  • Coatings: Acrylate, Polyimide, Nylon, Tefzel, Aluminum, and Gold;
  • 500 different specialty optical fiber and capillary part numbers;
  • All fibers are 100% proof tested in four-axes;
  • Spectral & loss measurement capabilities;
  • Tensile & dynamic bend testing capabilities.

fg Fiber Draw-1

Machining& Assembly

  • State of the art CNC Machining Center for production components;
  • Manual milling and turning machinery for low volume or prototype components;
  • Prototype line for development and experimental products;
  • Laser polishing capability;
  • Optical testing: include beam profiling, transmission, return loss, fiber position;
  • Mechanical testing: dimensional analysis, surface quality & finish, surface profile, concentricity;
  • Environmental Testing: humidity, vacuum, temperature cycling & storage.

fg Machine&assembly-1           fg machine&assembly-2

Key Products:

  • Optical Fibers & Capillary Tubing
    • High temperature fibers
    • High power fibers and cables
    • Custom OEM fibers
    • Optical fiber tapers

fg optical_fiber

  • Bundled Assemblies
    • Single/ Multi-leg fiber assemblies
    • High power fiber assemblies
    • High temperature fiber assemblies

fg bundled

  • V-Grooves & Fiber Arrays
    • One-dimensional V-grooves
    • Two- dimensional precision arrays
    • Unmatched ability to manufacture to high performance specifications

fg array

  • Shaped Fiber Tip Assemblies
    • Angled (Side fire) fibers
    • Radius/ Ball  Tip
    • Diffuser Tip
    • Chisel Tip
    • End Capped fibers

fg shaped fiber tips


  • Medical
    • Surgical: skin treatment, tumor ablation, laser scalpel, laser eye surgery
    • Imaging: vein, ear, nose, throat
    • Sensing: optical catheters, intravenous oxygen, pressure, and temperature sensors
    • Illumination: endoscopes, diagnostic instruments
  • Data Communications
    • Optical switching in secure networks
  • Oil & Gas/ Energy
    • Distributed Temperature  Sensing for steam assisted gravity drainage,                                                                                                                        cyclic steam simulation and in-situ combustion
    • Down-hole optical sensing system
    • Flame detection, Ignition sensing, combustion analysis
  • Industrial
    • Material processing: laser cutting, laser welding, laser drilling, laser marking
    • Military/Aerospace: laser detonation, weapon systems, Lidar
    • Turbo-machinery: Blade vibration sensing, blade speed rotation


ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13585:2003

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