About Diba:

Diba Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures precision fluidics components and assemblies for OEMS making diagnostic, analytical and medical equipment.  The company offers aspirate and dispense probes, fittings, precision flares and flared tubing assemblies, liquid level sensors, liquid heaters and fittings systems.  Diba is well known for the patented Click-N-Seal torque-release fittings, which prevent leaks by eliminating the risk of over- or under-tightening of the fitting in the port.  Diba makes more than 2 million tubing assemblies every year!

Diba application engineers customize core capabilities to solve specific fluid handling challenges encountered by engineers designing new instruments or improving the performance of existing machines.  Diba offers rapid prototyping support for probes and tubing assemblies.  With almost 30 years of fluid intelligence experience, Diba manufactures more than 2 million fluid handling assemblies each year.

Diba also offers Omnifit Labware products for laboratory needs, including chromatography columns, solvent safety bottle caps, manual valves and other products for end user scientific applications.  Diba also offers OmniSep pre-packed columns for cost-effective protein purification applications and biopharma research.

Diba’s headquarters and primary manufacturing facility are in Danbury, Connecticut, USA, with additional manufacturing and engineering support in Cambridge, UK and Shanghai, China.

Diba Product Range:

  • Precision probes and heated fluid handling assemblies
  • Flares and ferrule connection systems
  • Fittings for precision liquid connections, including Click-N-Seal, Omni-Lok glass-filled polypro fittings, and standard fittings in a range of sizes including 6-40, 10-32, ¼-28, 5/16-24 and M6.
  • Extruded tubing, assemblies, thermoforms, kitting and clean-room assembly for precision hard-wall and soft-wall tubing
  • Omnifit solvent safety bottle caps
  • Omnifit bubble traps, filters and manual valves.
  • Omnifit chromatography columns and OmniSep agarose-based resins for LPLC research.


Photo 1: Diba’s patented Click-N-Seal torque-release fittings ensures leak free connections every time.

Diba - CNS Fitting


Photo 2: Diba designs and manufactures precision probes including the Teflon lined probe with drawn tip as shown here.


 Photo 3: Omnifit Labware solvent safety bottle caps enable refilling or emptying the bottles without removing all the fittings.


Diba - Q series assembly copy

 Photo 4: Glass columns by Omnifit Labware are used for chromatography applications such as protein purification.

 Diba - OmniSep 3

Application Areas:

  • In vitro diagnostic equipment
  • Scientific analyzers for water, air, food and material analysis
  • Medical devices
  • Microfluidics and Life Sciences applications
  • Chromatography



Diba Industries Inc. has received the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Diba Ltd. (Cambridge UK) has received the ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 and 18001:2007 certifications.

Diba in India:

Diba’s products are sold directly to OEMS and through Cole Parmer India to Laboratory End Users.

For more Information visit: www.dibaind.com

For Enquiries Contact:

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Mumbai 400 076, India

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