About BEA

BEA, founded in Belgium in 1965, a pioneer in the sensor industry, BEA was one of the first companies to launch a Doppler microwave radar specially adapted for automatic doors. We also drive the Company’s global strategy, active worldwide through their subsidiaries in the United States, China, Brazil and Japan.
What means are we using cutting-edge technologies, a complete range of products adapted specific to emerging markets like India.

The technologies we deploy are Doppler Effect (RADAR), active and passive infrared, electromagnetic induction and LASER help customers, architects and consultants design energy efficient, reliable, safe entrance solutions and automation solution

BEA Technology

The Radar Technology.

The radar technology is based on the Doppler Effect. The radar sensor emits continuously microwaves with same frequency on a defined field. Once there is a movement in the detection field, the microwaves will come back to sensor with a different frequency and this will create a detection. The technology is able to distinguish between an approaching and a departing movement ”direction sensing” and offers the possibility to reject cross traffic as well as to differentiate between pedestrians and vehicles

The Infrared technology

This technology uses the infrared invisible light which is emitted continuously. It can operate in various ways: photocells, distance measurement with background suppression, triangulation and analysis of the background … In this case; the sensor lights up one or several areas and analyzes the energy in return. A significant difference compared to the original picture triggers the detection.

Laser Technology

The LASER technology works according to the principle of time of flight. It sends a light impulse at the speed of light and measures the time until the signal returns.

Thanks to a detection area which consists of several vertical planes the laser sensor guarantees high reliability in various applications for safety, security and automation. This solution complies with the EN 954-1 CAT.2  or the EN ISO 13849-1 Performance Level „C“. They are also compliant with the type “E” safety sensor of the industry standard EN12453.

BEA Market Segments

BEA’s strength is in providing premium activation and safety solutions for pedestrian entrances, industrial entrances and transportation/logistics entrance solution.

BEA - 1

BEA Products and application.

Pedestrian Entrance solution

BEA provides premium activation and safety solution for sliding doors, swing doors and revolving doors in line to European standards EN16005.

SLIDING DOORS                              SWING DOORS                          REVOLVING DOORS

BEA - 2


Products related to pedestrian doors activation and safety.

BEA - 3

Industrial Entrance Solution

                BEA deploys its technology to the Industrial entrance solution for activation and safety of Industrial Doors, High Speed Industrial doors, Industrial gates and rolling shutters.

BEA - 4

Sensorio Application.

                The SENSORIO division was set up to broaden the fields of application of the technologies used by BEA through market diversification and to make our expertise available to other parties involved in the various new markets like Railways, Traffic, Automation and Security.

Railway Solutions:

1. Internal train door activation and safety sensors.

2. External train door activation and safety sensors

3. Platform Screen doors

4. Virtual platform screens

Traffic solutions

1. Technology for automatic vehicle classification.

2. Technology for Vehicle counting

3. Toll and parking barrier application

4. Traffic violation detection technology

5. Loop detectors for parking, traffic and electronic toll collection.

Security solution

1. Technology for Perimeter security

2. Technology for short range infiltration detection

3. Intrusion/security products/technology for Banks, Museums, VVIP offices & residences


BEA in India:

BEA’s products have been sold to Indian customers from 2007. The India Sales responsibilities are in the hands of Mr. Vivek Krishnan, Segment Sales Manager – India

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