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About Alicat:

Mass flow meters, mass flow controllers and pressure controllers have been the focus of Alicat Scientific’s business since its inception in 1991. Alicat Scientific’s mass flow devices have NIST traceable calibrations and are backed by an unsurpassed history of performance and reliability. We at Alicat have spent the last two decades fulfilling our goal of helping customers build reliable, repeatable, and dependable systems incorporating our feature-rich, precision mass flow meters and mass flow controllers. Our devices have been instrumental in helping customers save time and money by reducing downtime and material loss and increasing measurement precision. Alicat Scientific (a Halma company)  has earned a solid reputation by providing accurate and dependable products and never wavering from a strict policy of superior customer support.

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Alicat Technology:

Alicat’s strength lies in the unique patented technology which makes us stand apart from the conventional competitors. Unlike traditional gas flow instruments which are based on the principle of thermal conductivity measurement, Alicat uses its unique combination of laminar flow channel and differential pressure measurement to give very precise and accurate readings for various gases.

Key Product Features:

Some of the Key Features of Alicat’s patented products are as given below:

  • Fastest Response Time – 10 ms (millisec) for Meters & 100 ms for Controllers, typically.
  • Gas SelectTM A unique Multi-Gas Calibration feature. This means there is no need to either calculate manually the mass flow rates or doing expensive recalibration for different gases.
  • No warm-up time.
  • Highest Turn Down Ratio (which defines the lowest possible gas flow measurement) of   200:1 in the segment meaning widest operating range practically possible.
  • No Mounting Attitude which mean they can be mounted in any orientation without compromising on performance

Alicat Product Range:

Alicat product range

Gas Flow:  mass flow meters, mass flow controllers, bi-directional mass flow meters, Ultra-Low Pressure Drop Mass Flow Controllers

Pressure: Absolute/Gauge/Differential Pressure Gauges & Controllers

Liquid Flow: liquid flow meters, liquid flow controllers

Application Areas:

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  • Gas Sensor, Fuel Cell, Burner Flow Control, Vacuum Control
  • Chemical R & D, Chemical Process Applications
  • Vacuum Sputtering & Coating,  Vacuum Nitriding, Mechanical Engineering-R & D
  • Plasma Cutting, Nitriding, TIG welding
  • High Temperature Gas Reactions, Hydrogenation Reactions
  • Bio-reactors & Biotechnology Applications, Fermentators, Analytical & Pharmaceutical Processes
  • LPG Measurement & Flow Control
  • Aerospace Engineering-R & D, Material Science-R & D
  • Quality Testing of Fittings & Components
  • Automobile Component Manufacturers-Muffler (Exhaust Pipe), Engine Flow Studies etc.
  • Corrosive Gas Flow Control & Measurement Applications
  • Precision Gas Mixing Application
  • Precision Steam Generation by Controlling Water Flow Precisely


Alicat Scientific has received the ISO 9001: 2008 certification, CE, ATEX compliant

Alicat in India:

Alicat’s products have been sold to Indian customers from 2007 through distributors. The India Sales & Support Operations are handled by Mr. Gajendra Kelkar. Alicat’s product range is being used in various research institutes like IITs, CSIR Labs, NITs & many other Govt. & Private reputed Research & Development organisations. Besides few OEMs are also using Alicat’s products that are used in various industries which require precision gas flow measurement &/or control.

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Mr. Gajendra Kelkar,

India Sales Manager-Alicat Scientific

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M: +91 99300 47455