Halma Acquisitions

Halma acquires companies in its existing business sectors that are successful, growing and profitable.

Organic growth funds Halma acquisitions. Acquisitions add value to Halma’s portfolio of businesses through new intellectual assets, new management talent and a wider technological and geographic footprint.

Halma’s acquisition strategy is to buy businesses and intellectual assets that:

  • extend existing activities
  • fit with our entrepreneurial culture
  • deliver strong financial performance

Halma’s acquisitions are highly targeted. Halma usually acquire companies operating in markets Halma are familiar with, or they may be in closely allied sectors which it understands. Halma acquires both stand-alone businesses and ‘bolt-ons’. Halma have financial resources to invest in acquisitions to accelerate growth.

After acquisition, companies usually operate independently under their local management within Halma decentralized management structure. They immediately benefit from access to the resources of a larger multinational parent. Entrepreneurs often remain and manage their business after acquisition.